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Time to start blogging

From left to right: Pete Nowakowski, Matt Greenlaw, Christian Layland

Although this is not my first blog, this is a first I can claim as a uni assessment. I guess the best thing to do now would be to introduce myself, and give you an insight into my world.

My name is Pete Nowakowski, I’m a 21 year old uni student from Sydney. Studying to become a teacher basically because the holidays are brilliant and because thanks to me being male, I’m more likely to get a job and get promoted a lot easier than female staff (rather sexist I know, but it’s true).

I’m also something of a journalist, writing for a website called The Football Sack (www.thefootballsack.com). There I co-host a podcast, an avid writer of match reports and opinion pieces as well as being social media co-ordinator, which means their twitter account is my baby.

I also host a radio show on a Sunday morning from 8-9am called Beyond the 90. The time slot is horrible, but the only time I could get. You can listen to my show either by tuning tonight 2GLF – 89.3FM or online http://www.893fm.com.au.

If you are on twitter, feel free to follow me: @petenowakowski is where you’ll find me, my ‘work’ accounts are @TheFootballSack and @Beyondthe90.

Effectively from here on in, all my blogs will be based on a assessment, however if I feel up to it, I might blog some football bollocks.

Hope you’re looking forward to this as much as I am (hint: I can be ridiculously sarcastic when I want to be)


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